Dead Space is Die Hard. In space.

by: Nathaniel -
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Dead Space has always been sorta like the Die Hard of videogames to me.  Isaac Clarke has a lot in common with John McClane.  Neither are highly trained military operatives, yet both keep finding themselves in situations that should really be handled by Seal Team Six rather than some dude with whatever tools he can get his hands on.  

Nevertheless, they both are continually successful where you or I would die in about half a second.  That's why we love them.

If Dead Space is the Die Hard of videogames, then Dead Space 3 must be the Live Free or Die Hard of Die Hard movies.  Nominally it's a Dead Space game, but it's moved beyond one dude handling a problem on a local level with basic tools.  It's also upset a lot of people that were fans previously for one very narrowly defined reason or another.  That doesn't make Dead Space 3 a bad game, just like Live Free or Die Hard wasn't a bad movie.  Something else might make Dead Space 3 a bad game, but we won't know until February 5th.

Now watch this trailer and stop trying to pretend Justin Long is terrible.

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