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Could vampires get any bigger than they are right now?  If I tried to list all the TV shows and movies about vampires, I'd no doubt leave a million entries off the list despite naming 10.  

Vampires are less popular in the realm of videogames, however.  Aside from The Elder Scrolls series and worst-game-ever-contender Vampire Rain (I'm probably still leaving out a million examples), vampires are a bit thin on the digital ground.

Kalypso Media's stealth-vampire-action RPG, Dark, seeks to right the balance of undead to not dead, however.  To further that goal, Dark has received some brand new box art.  Check it out.  

New Box Art Available for DARK 
Today Kalypso Media is pleased to make available the new box art for DARK, its upcoming vampire stealth-action title. Set for a June 2013 release on the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC, DARK has you playing as Eric Bane, a “freshly turned” vampire, looking to unveil the secrets of the GeoForge Corporation, and the ancient vampires who control it. 

DARK is a stealth action game with RPG elements that lets you slip into the role of the ultimate killer… a vampire. Stalk your enemies from the shadows then use powerful vampire abilities to attack and silently dispatch them! The exciting story of DARK immerses you in a world full of blood and darkness in which the hunter can become the hunted at any time.   As you unravel the mystery behind the omnipresent and powerful global conglomerate, Geoforge, you must continually improve your character by developing powerful skills to aid you in remaining unobserved, or silence those unfortunate enough to take too keen an interest in you.

About The Kalypso Media Group 
Founded in 2006 in Germany by industry veterans Simon Hellwig and Stefan Marcinek, Kalypso Media is a global, independent developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment software with 120 employees world-wide.
Along with Headquarters in Worms, Germany, the company has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States. Kalypso Media also enjoys very strong global digital distribution through its Kalypso Media Digital Ltd. Office and owns three development studios – Realmforge Studios GmbH, Gaming Minds Studios GmbH and Noumena Studios GmbH – and works with multiple leading independent developers.
Kalypso Media‘s titles include the critically acclaimed Tropico 4, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Dungeons. Upcoming multi-platform titles include DARK and The Dark Eye – Demonicon. Further information about Kalypso Media is available at http://www.kalypsomedia.com.
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