DOA5+ puts the PS3 and Vita on the same level

by: Jeremy -
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We know that Tecmo Koei is bringing Dead or Alive 5+ to the Vita next month... what we didn’t know is just how much the game will work with the console versions. It was recently revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the game will work in conjunction with the existing PS3 version in a variety of ways.

First off, the game will support cross play, which means that gamers can fight against opponents on either console when they head online. Vita versus Vita? Check. PS3 versus PS3? Check. Ps3 versus Vita? Check there too! The game will also support “cross goods”, which means that downloadable content can be shared between the versions. All that you have to do is buy the DLc once, and you can access it on either platform. The same sharing cane be done with the game’s save data; progress can be shared between the versions.

The game launches on March 19, 2013 both digitally and through retail.

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