D-Day for Take-Two?

by: Chuck -
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This afternoon Take-Two will hold their annual shareholder meeting in New York where it is widely expected that the CEO and most of the board of directors will be ousted and a new management team put into place (GP has the full scoop including how you can listen in on the proceedings).  The company had put itself out on the market but no company was willing to come in and purchase the company.

There's no doubt that the company needs a new direction.  Between their handling of the  "Hot Coffee" fiasco last year to the constant run ins with the SEC the company has managed to survive despite itself. 

The real question though is how they got there and the folks over at Wired have published an excerpt from an upcoming article on the company that goes into some of the troubled history of Take Two (the article is written by David Kushner, the author of one of the best video game books out there "Masters of Doom").  It details the recent history of the company and provides some insight into what went wrong.

Personally I hope they can right the ship over at Take-Two.  Despite all the managerial problems they've got some of the best games on the market and with GTA IV, Bioshock, and The Darkness all due out this year it's not like the company has any problem delivering quality content.
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