Cursed Crusade Co-op Clip

by: Nathaniel -
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"You know what's more satisfying than watching a veteran fighter gracefully dispatch a foe?  Watching TWO veteran fighters gracefully dispatch their foes."

Here's another trailer for Altus' co-op melee combat extravaganza, The Cursed Crusade.  This one focuses on co-op combat and specifically, special co-op combos (that look really cool).  The game is set for release this fall on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.  You can preorder it from Gamestop and (and other fine retailers, of course).  

Discover the wonders of 13th century Europe (that's not sarcasm), discover the power that comes from the "Templar's Curse," and enjoy the visceral combat while using an array of medieval weapons, combos, and finishers this fall with The Cursed Crusade!

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