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If you're a FilePlanet subscriber, you'll be able to get a key for Crysis here soon. In fact, I got word that some people have picked them up already. They will be released in batches so sign up quick to get one.
Break Out Your Nanosuits!

Crysis Multiplayer Beta Registration Coming Soon

First come, first pwned! Registration for the Crysis multiplayer beta test will soon be available to FilePlanet subscribers. Space is limited so stay tuned to the site to make sure you’re not left out when the bullets start flying.

Players who enlist will be among the first to test “Power Struggle”, an exciting new open-ended, team-based multiplayer game mode. As always, your objective is to reduce your enemy’s base of operations to rubble – it’s how you get to that point of ultimate satisfaction that sets Power Struggle apart from the rest.

Teams will need to rely on their ability to strategize as much as their cumulative marksmanship skills. Those who work together best to manage resources, seize specialized factories and exploit mysterious alien technology will be able to build the hyper-advanced weapons and vehicles needed to lay waste to the opposition.

The Crytek multiplayer team cannot wait to see the different types of tactics gamers will come up with. Eric Lagel, Crytek Multiplayer Development Manager, commented “What really excites us is looking forward to seeing what strategies will emerge from the community. New features, like the nanosuit, will certainly inspire innovation in multiplayer gameplay.”

In the next few weeks we will release batches of keys through FilePlanet on a regular basis. Keep checking FilePlanet for more information.

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