Crimson Gem Saga screens let you know when you fail

by: Randy -
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Another Atlus-published JRPG, Crimson Gem Saga released a set of screenshots today for the PSP role-playing game.  Here we're seeing hard-earned localization tax dollars at work, as there's not a single dangling modifier or broken English phrase in the whole lot.  My only tangentially-related concern is the ubiquity of the word "fail" in our interwebs lexicon.  (You'll see one pic with the words "Escape Failed!" emblazoned on the screenshot.)  But that's not anything I will hold Atlus or developer Matrix Software accountable for.  I also think it's an awkward choice when there's always one character in the cast that doesn't match the art style as everyone else.  Check out the grimacing bald-headed dude to see a case in point.  He ends up looking like the Token Western-Developed Video Game Guy, for some reason.
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