Corpse Party sequel coming to America this winter!

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As the title suggests XSEED Games is bringing Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows, the sequel to the amazing PSP horror game Corpse Party to America some time this winter. 

To celebrate, the original game will be on sale for $10 until November 6th. You can buy it on the Playstation Network Store and it is also playable on your Playstation Vita as well. 

The sequel lets players take another nightmarish trip through the blood soaked halls of Heavenly Host Elementary School and will be given the opportunity to change the fate of some of the characters from the first game. While changing the fate of your follow friends may seem like an awesome idea, serious consequences may come about as well. The signature "wrong end" in which your character meets a very unpleasant demise makes its return and will allow players to fast forward through event they have already seen to reach the true ending for each chapter. 

When I got a PS Vita I downloaded this game and it quickly became one of my favorite games of all time. The almost NES like sprites and backgrounds in game were surprisingly incredibly creepy and scary for me. The morbid story made my stomach churn at so many parts and I would often find myself up at 2am, in the dark, under the covers, scared out of my mind wondering why I was subjecting myself to this level of emotional torture. If you like survival horror games, you owe it to yourself to check out Corpse Party

Sony has also released the debut trailer for the game. Check it out!

Also check out Matt Mirkovich's review of the original game.

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