Company of Heroes 2 (Pre-review Impressions)

by: Travis -
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I've been focused on reviewing the lengthy and content-rich Company of Heroes 2 this week, and with the embargo lifting today I wanted to share some early impressions before my review goes live early next week.
  • Fans of the series will be able to jump into the gameplay with ease as nearly all of the core mechanics have stayed the same.
  • The battlefields are even more explosive and destructive, in addition to some impressive physics from crumbling buildings to tanks falling to their graves under breaking ice.
  • The campaign is split into a variety of gameplay scenarios from defending strategic points to recon missions with only a few squads under your command.
  • Thus far, the narrative has been the normal military game affair of recounting past battles and forgettable main characters.
  • Soldiers now have the ability to vault over fences and other such lower walls on the battlefield.
  • The game contains over 300 Steam achievements with many of them relating to the new leveling and rank system that's persistent across all gameplay modes.
  • The only real issue thus far has been some odd behaviors by soldiers and vehicles with pathfinding troubles around the battlefield and other units.
  • I've played for about four hours and have barely scratched the surface of the game's overall content.
Check back on Monday for my review of Company of Heroes 2.
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