Claude Giroux awkwardly introduces new skating video for NHL 13

by: Chuck -
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EA Sports is promising that NHL 13 will be the biggest leap in the franchise since NHL 07 introduced the skill stick and one of the reasons why is True Performance Skating, the new physics based skating system.  This adds more realistic skating to the game which will force you to think more about momentum and puck control when you are skating up the ice as you will no longer be able to do hook turns on the net from the corners or behind the net without losing speed.  

True Performance Skating also kind of marks the return of the turbo feature as you can now force your skater to push himself a bit harder but at the cost of control and stamina. It's not the same as the old turbo button but it is nice to be able to get that extra little bit out of your skater when you're 1 on 1 with a defender.  

Here's a video that shows off these new features in action and how you will be able to use them when the game is released next month.  Given the current state onf NHL labor negotiations, NHL 13 might be the only source of professional hockey for the rest of the year.

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