Check out one of the greatest DLC trailers ever for the Dubstep Remix pack for Saints Row IV

by: Nathan -
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I am 20 hours deep into Saints Row IV and it has been nothing but nonstop fun since I started playing the game. One of my favorite parts of the game are the crazy alien weapons and speaking of those weapons, some new DLC is on the way and will add four new songs to the amazing Dubstep Gun. 

Volition released a trailer for the DLC as well and oh my god is it amazing. They have perfectly recreated those classic infomercial style ads from the early 90's complete VHS film grain and the speed talking narrator at the end of the ad. I almost want to send money to that address at the end on principal alone. 

The Dubstep Gun Remix Pack DLC will be available this week for $2.99 and will include four new musical tracks including death metal, classical music, polka and swing music. 
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