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by: Sean Colleli -
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I recently wrapped up my review of TrackMania DS, and one thing I noticed is that the game is packed with unlockable features.  Like, everything.  Maps, skins, even new track editor tiles must be purchased with the game's currency, Coppers.  Here's a bunch of new screens showing off the stuff you can unlock.  Just be prepared to play a ton of races to earn that virtual cash.  TrackMania DS will be released on March 17th. 
COPPERS FOR SHOPPERS:  Exploring the unlockables in TrackMania DS™ (w/ new screens!)
Oh, copper.  For so many years, you've been second fiddle to silver and gold.  Sure, you get the wiring and pipes, but most of the time it's because you're the cheapest of the bunch.  When folks are handing out medals, you go to third place, and not even in your pure form.  We all see your dark reddish-orange facade, but on the inside, we know you're blue.
But in the world of TrackMania DS, Coppers are everything.  For every successful race, players receive Coppers, credits that can be used to unlock a variety of game content from the Shop.  Want more tracks to race on?  Fork over some Coppers and discover new courses to master (and some of the best ones really must be unlocked).  Want more track editor parts to spice up your custom courses?  Spend and you shall receive.  Tired of the same old texture for your car?  New skins are on sale now.  There are three different sets of unlockables to shop, based on the environment (Stadium, Desert, Rally) of your choosing.
See, copper, things aren't so bad.  You may be the whipping boy of the precious metals, but in TrackMania DS, you're the currency of choice.
TrackMania DS is currently scheduled for release on March 17th.
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