Character reveal for upcoming Dragon Age expansion

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Awakening, the upcoming expansion to Dragon Age: Origins, is fast approaching (March 16th, to be exact). In the meantime, BioWare is giving an introduction of Mhairi – one of your new companions that can be found in the expansion.

Clearly King Cailan’s death wasn’t accepted by everyone as the tragic result of war that it was wrapped up to be, because Mhairi is spurred by it and it leads her to help your crew of Grey Wardens. You can take a look at her screens and video below, as well as read on to hear a bit about her back-story.

On March 16, the land of Amaranthine is yours to conquer and explore. Prepare to fight to help restore the Grey Wardens’ control over the land in the upcoming expansion Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening! Now we reveal to you a new squadmate who is here to help you in your journey: Mhairi.

Don’t be fooled by her beauty – Mhairi is a determined and hardened veteran of the battlefield. Not satisfied with the life laid out for her, she has fought her way to this opportunity to assist the Order in their newest conquest. With pain in her heart because of the tragic death of a beloved ruler, Mhairi fights with her heart on her sleeve and will prove to be invaluable in your journey.


When Mhairi was a child, she was enraptured by tales of kings and nobles. All she wanted was to be like them, to fight for what she believed. Betrothed to a trader when she turned 16, she saw the life that lay ahead of her and enlisted in the army instead. Her fierce loyalty and devotion to Ferelden earned her the love and respect of her commanders and brothers-in-arms. King Cailan’s betrayal and death hit Mhairi hard, and when she learned of the two Grey Wardens who quelled the Blight almost single-handedly, she vowed to serve the Wardens. When the call came for volunteers to help rebuild the order at Vigil’s Keep, Mhairi jumped at the chance to join.
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