Captivate 2010: Super Street Fighter IV / Street Fighter 4 bonus unveiled

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom has teased players for a while now that those who owned the initial version of Street Fighter IV would be receiving a special bonus if and when they bought the new game. We now know what exactly that bonus is…

Upon booting up Super Street Fighter IV, if the game detects a save on your machine from the previous game, you will be given access to two additional “colors” for your characters. In additional to the 10 color variations included in the game, you will also have access to a special “inked” graphical filter and a “pencil sketch” graphic filter for your character. Both filters were shown in action at Captivate.

The ink filter simply adds more pronunciation to the lines around the drawn characters… making them look more like inked drawings rather than 3D models. The sketch filter, arguably the cooler of the two, makes characters look like they were drawn and colored with colored pencils. It provides a different type of “look” to the characters and is pretty cool. Neither is a huge bonus, but they are still cool to see in motion.
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