Captivate 2010: Okamiden officially heading to North American DS’

by: Jeremy -
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The sequel to the critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 / Wii game Okami is official coming to North America as Okamiden for the Nintendo DS(i). Capcom has put together an entirely new team to create the sequel on the platform that they feel the game was meant for. Executive producer Motohide Eshiro, of Ace Attorney and Miles Edgeworth fame, is at the helm of the project.

Okamiden puts players in control of Chibiterasu, Amaterasu's offspring, a few months after the events of the first game. While Chibiterasu isn't as strong as his parent, he will utilize the game's new partner system allowing him to join forces with all new characters in the game. Along with your various partners, you will follow a compelling narrative that guides you through locales both familiar from the first and all new.

This is an Okami game after all, which means that the most important tool in your possession is that of the trademark celestial brush. Using the DS(i)'s style, an entirely new experience is opened up by your utilization of pressure sensitive brush strokes made right on the screen. We won't be seeing a release of the title until 2011, but until then you can check out the official trailer below. We have have a full, hands-on preview of the game very, very soon.

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