Capcom unleashes massive amounts of Street Fighter IV assets

by: Dan -
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Yeah, the heading isn’t a lie, as Capcom doled out not five…not 10…but 17 new screenshots and two new videos of Street Fighter IV today. The game is slated to hit retail in Spring of 2010, but these screens show off some images of the game lobby, and a couple of the new modes, including several of the fighters beating the hell out of a car.

The videos really show off some more of the moves, finishes and special attacks that DeeJay, Juri a and T. Hawk have available to them. The first video is some Juri vs. T. Hawk action, with Juri taking the quick upper hand (she is a mean little bitch), but T. Hawk eventually wins out with his brute strength. Apparently he likes to K.O. her with a face plant to the ground…literally. The second video features Juri again, this time taking on DeeJay. Once again, Juri dominates in the early going, but this chick can trash talk like none other, and it comes back to bite her. DeeJay apparently doesn’t like the smack and takes care of business.

Check out both videos and all 17 screens below:

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