Capcom and Twitch teaming up to bring you a year long Street Fighter League

by: Nathan -
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Street Fighter may be the biggest competitive fighting game in the world and if there is a fighting game tournament, you can bet that Street Fighter will be there. Well Capcom and Twitch want to highlight all that Street Fighter action as they have announced the Capcom Pro Tour. Throughout the year, Capcom and Twitch will bring you a fighting game league. The Capcom Pro Tour will bring you all the action from tournaments, trade shows and online events. Through a point system, 16 pro players will qualify for the Capcom Cup finals which will be held in December. 

The Capcom Pro Tour will start with Street Fighter AE Ver 2014 and will transition to Ultra Street Fighter 4 when it is released later this year. 

This will also be a great opportunity for tournament organizers and content creators as they will be able to still produce content but with the help of Capcom and Twitch, will be able to do so in grander fashion. 

They had some pro Street Fighter players at PAX East last year and I am hoping to see this in action when I go to PAX East next month. 

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