Can't wait for Mega Man Unlimited? Give this game a shot.

by: Russell -
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A while back, I read somewhere about a flash-based PC game called Rokko Chan which was similar in style to the Mega Man games.  Being a Mega Man Classic fanatic (and the fact that MegaPhilX's Mega Man Unlimited isn't completed yet), I gave it a shot and was instantly amazed with this game.  The game not only plays like a classic Mega Man game, but also looks and sounds like it could be the long of the series.  Six robot masters and a few fortress stages may not sound like much, but the game is tough, especially the final boss, which took me close to twenty lives before I finally had it down.

The game features a ranking system for daily, weekly, and overall best times, challenges similar to those found in Mega Man 9 and 10, a sound test, and two unique options: Unlimited Weapon and Owata Mode.  Unlimited Weapon is as it sounds I'd suppose (I haven't used it yet), and Owata Mode essentially turns the game into I Wanna Be The Guy.  You have unlimited lives, but one hit kills you, and you can't fill up your meter.  The best part is I believe the game uses cookies or something to save your progress.  There is a password system, but a couple things aren't unlocked until you beat the game and at first only shows ??????????.  I went back to the game today after beating it last night and the unlocked options were still there.

To check it out, head on over to  I'd highly recommend using a gamepad and the program Joy2Key, as I've never been good at Mega Man on a keyboard.  Warning though, this game is hard, despite the names of the robot masters (seriously, Rolling Man?).

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