CES 2013: Mitsubishi

by: Dan -
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I stopped by the Mitsubishi booth to take a look at the lineup of home theater projectors that they had announced at CEDIA last year.  The flagship is the HC8000D, which is a DLP based 3D projector.  I was shown a demo of Despicable Me that really showed off the 3D depth and clarity with very crisp images that popped off the screen.  The glasses were also very comfortable and there was very little change in the lens color when looking through them.  Most active shutter glasses look significantly darker looking through them but these were much clearer.  One of the biggest selling points of the HC8000 is the 2D to 3D conversion.  It offers five settings so you can find the perfect one that provided the proper 3D depth and look for you and your family.  Another nice option is that if you get the HC8000 calibrated by a third party, there are custom settings so you can always go back to the calibration once it is complete.

Mitsubishi is running a special right now where you can pick up the HC8000, 3D glasses, emitter and an extra lamp for $2995 MSRP.  If you want to pick up an extra pair of the Mitsubishi glasses, they will run you $199 each.  However, the HC8000 is also compatible with many third-party glasses makers, so you can find an alternative pair based on comfort or budget.  We are hoping to get in a review unit of the HC8000 in the near future in order to see how well it performs in our review setting.

Also in the booth, primarily for entertainment purposes, was one of Mitsubishi’s commercial grade CyberTouch panels that had been turned into horizontal game table.  When I was there (see image below) there was a virtual air hockey style game being played.  I believe it will retail for over $10k, so not exactly for the home, but you could find it in your local bar or hang out in the near future.

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