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by: Sean Cahill -
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Dan and I managed to take a break from the overwhelming amount of audio that was covered at the show to take a look at Samsung's new line of PC laptops that are slated to come out in 2013.  While Samsung jumped head first into gaming last year with a couple of powerful gaming systems, they seem to be scaling back a bit and focusing more on creating a well-rounded PC, only having two new models of laptops out of the gate in the Series 7 PC with the Ultra and the Chronos.

The Series 7 Ultra provides the PC user with a sleek design that is sure to be an eye-grabber.  Coming in at a weight of just over three pounds, the thin and light Ultra is easy to carry no matter where the destination is.  A full metal body takes over the standard look of most laptops that have opted for gloss black that is made of various types of hardened plastic.  Sporting a full HDMI port as well as mini VGA ports, connectivity to monitors and televisions is not difficult at all.

The beauty of the Ultra truly comes in with the display, graphics, and audio.  The full HD display of 1080p gives a gorgeous illumination of WIndows 8 and any other programs used.  Brightness is not an issue as well, sporting the SuperBright Plus display that Samsung is very proud of when it comes to visibility.  If one is showing off a video to others, the 178 degree viewing angle will make sure that no detail goes unnoticed.  Truthfully, though, the 7 Ultra shows off when it comes to the powerful Radeon HD8570M graphics card.  As if anyone needed another reason to buy this laptop, JBL premium speakers are also in the 7 Ultra.

 If the Ultra doesn't have what you crave, perhaps the Chronos will.  While some of the specifications are similar, such as the 1080p display, great viewing angle, and SuperBright screen, the Chronos sports a longer battery life (11.5 hours compared to 8 hours), a very powerful Intel-based Quad Core i7 processor (information yet to be released on specifics with the processor) and a more powerful graphics card in the Radeon HD8870M external card.

Of course, both of these Series 7 laptops are loaded with Windows 8 and are fully optimized for touchscreen control.  Don't take our word for it, though, as a collection of images below will help you decide if Samsung Laptops are right for you.

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