CES 2013: Roccat Gaming Power Grid

by: Sean Cahill -
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Finishing up the visit to Roccat on the first full day of CES 2013, we turn our attention to the much anticipated Power Grid, a software that is downloadable to both the iPhone and Android-based smartphones.  It's best to think of the Power Grid as an all-in-one accessory to do all of the things a gamer wished he could do with a single touch.  The video below will explain some of the in-game additions as an example, using The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim as the base title.  It's important to note that the Power Grid is designed to basically help out in all aspects of computer usage.  Colors on the keyboard and mouse can be changed on the fly, timers can be utilized for anything that one can think of, and macros can be quick accessed.  The iOS version of Power Grid will be available within the next four to six weeks, with the Android version just a few weeks after.  Enjoy the video to see how quick the reaction is from the software on the iPhone and the in-game action. 

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