CES 2012: Toshiba brings glasses-free 3D to gaming laptops

by: Jeremy -
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Toshiba has announced that the 3DS isn’t the only system capable of delivering 3D gaming without the need of clunky glasses. The best part is that the technology doesn’t require the purchase of new hardware but rather an update from Toshiba’s Service Station utility.

The update, which is currently available for the Qosmio F755 3D line of laptops, comes as a result of extensive work by engineers at both Toshiba and NVIDIA. The feature makes Toshiba’s Qosmio line of gaming laptops the first to offer the glasses-free experience. The feature is based on auto-stereoscopic display technology; whereas the 3DS requires the user to be focuses in a particular position, the Qosmio utilizes the system’s webcam to track the user’s movement to broaden the viewing zone and change with the position of the user. That 3D sweet-spot is suddenly a lot larger than most of us have gotten used to.

It looks as if this 3D technology is becoming more accessible with each new advancement; maybe the 3D world isn’t as far off as we once thought. 

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