CES 2012: Ubisoft - I Am Alive

by: Sean Cahill -
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A surprise visit was made to the Microsoft booth on Thursday morning to check out an upcoming title from Ubisoft called I Am Alive that will hit the XBLA servers soon.
I Am Alive is a great twist on the survival/horror genre.  The twist comes in that this is realistic.  You are not going to find a single zombie, mutated monster, or a vast amount of weaponry.  In fact, this is probably what a post-apocalyptic world would really look like in smaller towns.  You play as a character who is attempting to return home and find his family one year after an unnamed event has occurred and destroyed life as you know it.  At this point, the similarities between most post-apocalyptic games and this one pretty much come to an end.
Your character is an average, run of the mill man.  He is not a superhuman, nor does he have an endless amount of strength or weapons.  He has only a camera, a couple of survival goods, and an unloaded gun to start out.  He is limited by stamina, which you must be careful not to expend, or else you will be in a load of trouble as you progress throughout the game.  Interactions with hostile NPCs is going to be based on picking and choosing your fights as well as the intimidation factor, judged by the type of weapons that your enemies have in comparison to you.  Sneak attacks are vital, while saving any bullets that you accumulate is also extremely vital.
Release is slated for Q1 of 2012 with no hard date set.  If you’re interested in this game, be sure to check out the video of gameplay offered below to see what survival-style games look like without zombies or superpowers.
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