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by: Dan -
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After skimming through the live blog that Chuck and Nathan did of the Sony Press event, it appears they covered almost all of the important topics. I know we saw clips of God of War III, Heavy Rain and MAG during the press event (and one other 3D game), but Sony really skimmed over gaming for the most part. This is despite the fact that around 20% of their booth is taken up by gaming related displays.

Sony did mention that the PS3 would be getting a firmware upgrade in the future that will allow it to play 3D Blu-Ray and (probably) games. There was also a brief mention regarding the PS3 and PSP in the role of device connectivity.

Something else worth mentioning was the decision by Sony to support SD and SDHC. This is a huge concession for them, and one that was apparently swayed by the consumer. They plan to sell SD and Micro SD cards that range from 2 – 32 GB in size. Let us hope that in the future PSP versions, they switch to the more common and cheaper Micro SD instead of the Pro Duo and Micro.

I will take a closer look at the new Bravias, home theater systems and of course the 3D gaming and other games on display when I take my booth tour on Friday.

Update(Chuck) - Pretty sure Dan meant God of War III
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