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Razer's well known for their mice but today, they showed me two products that expand their line into some new directions. You've probably heard about the partnership of Microsoft and Razer. The Habu mouse was the first product of their joint venture. The second one is coming soon as Microsoft is adding a new keyboard to their gaming line. The Reclusa is a full sized keyboard with backlit keys. Of course, the keyboard will have the Hyperesponse technology to counteract any latency. There are a total of 12 programmable keys that are split evenly on each side. Each side contains two bumper keys, three programmable keys, and a programmable jog dial. The jog dials are fully rotatable and don't stop. Each top corner also features a full speed USB port. There's also a nice comfortable detachable wrist rest. The keyboard will have support for profiles so that you can set up specific keyboard schemes depending on the game you load. Look for the keyboard soon with a retail price of $70.

Razer has gotten into the audio arena with a sound card and headphones but they will soon be unleashing a 2.1 speaker system. The Mako is a THX certified setup that THX's Ground Plate and Slot Spesker technologies. They are circular speakers that allow for omni-directional sound and won't give you distorted sound at really high levels. Total power of the system is 300W. A feature of the Mako that's found in very expensive high end speakers is ClassHD. Class HD scales power in sync with the music, resulting in operation at a much higher efficiency curve, improved Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), improved EMI, reduced idle consumption, and lowered amplifier delay. For adjusting volume and such, the Mako has a nice little puck style control that can lower and raise the volume by sliding your thumb around in a circle that's similiar to how the iPod operates.


Razer looks to have some interesting products coming up and we'll be hearing about some more innovative peripherals from them in the near future.
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