Buy a Playstation Vita. Get Virtues Last Reward for free!

by: Nathan -
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999 and Virtues Last Reward are both amazing games that shouldn't be missed by anyone. Combining visual novels with point and click gameplay I spent hours with both of these games not even realizing where the time went. The first time I played 999 I think I started at about 9PM. Next thing I know I look at the clock and its 2AM. The same thing happened with Virtues Last Reward. Thats the power these games had on me.

Now if you are looking to play Virtues Last Reward and want a Vita then you are in luck as Amazon is currently running a deal where if you buy a Playstation Vita you will get Virtues Last Reward for free! This is how I got my Vita earlier this year when they offered Mortal Kombat free with a Vita purchase. 

Just click the following link to get in on the deal!
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