Busou Shinki storms U.S. stores

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Anime women.  Mecha outfits.  Lots of plastic.  Presenting -- the Busou Shinki anime series action figures, now available in enthusiast retail stores throughout the U.S., as well as at the official Konami online store (www.konami.com).  They have lengthy, only half-understandable names:  MMS Type Angel Arnval, MMS Type Cat Maochao (you get the idea); and are going for about $35 bucks a pop.  Where my fanboyz at?!



Leading Japanese Action Figure Series Now Available at Select Retail Stores and at the Official Konami Online Store




REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – April 4, 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced its popular Busou Shinki™ action figure line is now available at select enthusiast retail stores throughout the U.S. as well as at the official Konami online store (www.konami.com). Designed by leading Japanese visualists, the Busou Shinki series features proprietary “Multi Movable System” (MMS) technology that allows users to customize their figures through unique combinations of poses and interchangeable accessories.


Featuring packaging and character design faithful to their original Japanese release, the Busou Shinki series lets collectors enter the futuristic world of six brave cybernetic warriors. Designed by renowned illustrators including SHINOFUSA ROKURO, SHIMADA HUMIKANE and BLADE, the series features six incredibly detailed and customizable figures, each with their own accessories and cybernetic battle suit. Using the proprietary MMS system, each action figure is highly poseable, allowing users to create a number of original stances without changing any of the figure’s original body pieces. Each part in the Busou Shinki series is standardized, letting users transfer accessories and even body parts between figures to build their own unique collectible creation.


All six figures in the Busou Shinki series – MMS Type Angel Arnval, MMS Type Rabbit Waffebunny, MMS Type Samurai Benio, MMS Type Dog Howling, MMS Type Cat Maochao, and MMS Type Devil Strarf – are now available at www.konami.com and at select enthusiast retailers under distribution by Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. To find a retail store carrying the product, consumers can contact the Comic Shop Locator Service (1-888-COMIC-BOOK or COMICSHOPLOCATOR.COM). The products carry suggested retail prices ranging from $12.99 - $34.99.

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