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I have some pretty fond memories of Burger Time, killing time in the middle school computer lab after I finished the ridiculously remedial typing tutor assignments. If you're a nostalgia junkie like me then you'll probably be thrilled to see Peter Pepper on Xbox Live in Burger Time World Tour, doing what he does by jumping on burger ingredients to combine them into the perfect fast food sandwich. The game seems a little dear to me at 800 MS points but I'm probably going to pay it anyway just to see Peter Pepper decked out in HD, pixel-shaded textures.

Tasty Re-Invention of Arcade Puzzler Makes its Digital Download Debut

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - November 2, 2011 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. in partnership with MonkeyPaw Games Inc., today announced that BurgerTime World Tour is now available for Xbox® LIVE Arcade digital download on the Xbox® 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. BurgerTime World Tour is an evolution of the arcade classic, enhanced with an innovative 3D rotating environment. The new BurgerTime experience introduces fresh and meaty additions to the re-imagined franchise. For the very first time, BurgerTime will feature platforming elements, boss characters, and local and online multiplayer to spice up this classic favorite. Loyal BurgerTime fans are also rewarded with a DLC download for a delicious BurgerTime World Tour dashboard theme now available for free on Xbox® LIVE Marketplace. BurgerTime World Tour is being served worldwide at the low price of 800 Microsoft Points.

BurgerTime World Tour stars renowned burger chef Peter Pepper as he travels the globe challenging chefs from the world capitals of cuisine. True to his retro roots, Peter Pepper will be tasked with building enormous burgers while running away from wacky food-gone-wild enemies such as Frank Furter the Sausage, Sonny the Egg, and new enemies such as Habba De Niro, the Habanero Pepper. Peter Pepper will need to overcome new obstacles such as giant chasms, wall spikes and hungry bosses to strategically find the fastest way to put together each burger. And with 50 sizzling levels, BurgerTime has never been meatier.

Now with split-screen and online multiplayer over Xbox® LIVE, BurgerTime World Tour is the first game in franchise history to finally combine massive burger-making and friendly competition. The retro revamp also features various playable chefs and the ability to play as your Xbox® LIVE Avatar. Fresh additions to the gameplay menu include new customizable multiplayer modes, Burger Battle and Rocket Race. The all-new rocket pack power-up will easily scale level environments, allowing up to four players to get their puzzle-platforming fix. More new twists include the ability to throw both enemies and players. Surely a food fight will ensue as players rush to assemble burgers with various ingredients for bonus points.

The release of BurgerTime World Tour marks 29 years since the original BurgerTime arcade game was released in 1982. A beloved classic that quickly earned the label as one of the best arcade games of all time, BurgerTime became popular within the competitive gaming community. BurgerTime World Tour adds a ranked online leaderboard for players who enjoy competing to become the world's greatest BurgerTime chef.

BurgerTime World Tour is rated E for Everyone by the ESRB and is now available for worldwide download on Xbox® LIVE Arcade, at the low price of 800 Microsoft Points. A trial version of the game is also available for free download on Xbox® LIVE Arcade.

For more information on BurgerTime World Tour, please visit www.burgertimeworldtour.com.
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