Bulletins: The Neverwinter Bigfoot

by: Randy -
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Previews, Reviews, and Interviews to pick n' choose from:
  • D&D hopeful Neverwinter Nights 2 has brewed up some gameplay footage for trailer #4. [AG]
  • GameTrailers gave it 3.1.  GameSpot gave it a 2.6.  Strategy Informer:  2.0.  So here's the demo of Terrawars: New York Invasion if you want to start drawing your own conclusions. [AG]
  • RPG Gun Giant kicks in the door with a couple clips locked and loaded. [AG]
  • AtomicGamer's newest feature is a World of Warcraft roundup of the week's best machinima.  With over 6 million potential filmmakers out there, AG swears they pick only the best of the bunch.  This week, eight movies made the list. [AG]
  • Rolling blackouts, hurricanes, and other storms got you down?  Legit Reviews looks at the Ultra 2000VA 1200 Watt backup Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to cure all that ails you. [LR]
  • Those same hardware junkies also spot the Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC (Network Interface Card). [LR]
  • Some folks at Ten Ton Hammer return to their EverQuest stomping grounds and review the new Progression Servers.  EQLive Producer, Chris Lena, chats up some Q&A in the meantime. [TTH]
  • They also strap down Blizzard's Jeff Kaplan for an exclusive World of Warcraft Burning Crusade update. [TTH]
  • Apolyton Civilization Site (ACS) continues its lengthy videotaped coverage of all things Civilization.  Here they put up part 1 of 5 examining "Prototyping for Civilization IV" with Firaxis Game Designer/Programmer Soren Johnson and Artist Dorian Newcomb.  At 22 minutes in length, I don't think anything's hitting the cutting room floor. [ACS]
Thanks to AtomicGamer, Legit Reviews, Ten Ton Hammer, and Apolyton Civilization Site for keeping us posted.
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