Bulletins: The Dark Messiah of Test Drive Unlimited

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  • A fun (if not head-scratching) new trailer for one of Oblivion's contenders on Gameplay Versatility, Dark Messiah of Might & Magic.
  • A lot of Roman city sims cropped up recently, but Caesar IV has some screenshots and an economic trailer up (note some of the spunky Sims-like animations).
  • Chuck posted some Test Drive Unlimited screenshots of the sporty Farboud above.  Here's some gameplay footage in a Maserati cockpit.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall, next in the series, gets the gameplay cinematic treatment.
  • Here's the battle system trailer for turn-based roeplayer, Disgaea 2.
  • Is The Exchange Student the next Liesure Suit Larry?  Maybe this episode can clarify.
  • Project Xenoclone, an alien sci-fi shooter, has a demo up from small house producers, Oniric.
  • Post-apocalyptic strategy action is ripe for destruction in the Maelstrom demo.
  • American McGee's Bad Day L.A. (homeless man saves city from pretty much everything you can think of) has a demo out.
  • TerraWars: New York Invasion sets up Beta Patch F.
  • Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War raises up their U.S. patch 1.14.
Thanks, Atomic Gamer, for the links.
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