Bulletins: Stranger Panzers Have Happened

by: Randy -
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  • Special Operations Forces, an FPS with a little clue-gathering along the way, set up some demo-litions. [AG]
  • A demo for Panzer Elite Action: Dunes of War will give you a head start on this tank sim's next offering. [AG]
  • This Stranger isn't an Oddworld comeback, it's some tried-and-true good vs. evil fantasy RTS.  And you can try the demo. [AG]
Previews, Reviews, and Interviews
  • Paraworld, the dinosaurs-and-humans-in-the-same-era RTS, chomps on its "Palaeontorama" trailer. [AG]
  • Just Cause releases mini trailer #4, just to whet your appetite for some South American cuisine. [AG]
  • Lineage 2's newest expansion, Chronicle 5, has a castles video. [AG]
  • The Heavenly Demons of 9Dragons is showcased here in MMORPG.com's fifth of six installments for player starter clans.
  • I've been all over HBO's Rome series, so I'm itchin' for Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising.  Here's MMORPG.com's profile interview with Art Director Mike Hines.
  • Ah, gaming furniture.  Now there's a niche market for ya.  MMORPG.com reviews the SUMO Omni line of bean bag furniture.
  • If you need your patches in French or German, we've got DarkStar One's version 1.2.  (Anything for our multilingual audience out there!) [AG]
Thanks, AtomicGamer and MMORPG.com, for the great links.
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