Bioshock Infinite: Creating Elizabeth

by: Sean Colleli -
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One of the biggest features of Bioshock Infinite is your AI partner during the story, Elizabeth. She's the reason Booker is in Columbia in the first place, and for better or worse she's his partner throughout almost the entire game. So Irrational naturally wanted to create a convincing character that players could get emotionally invested in. This new video shows all the work that went into make Liz, as they call her, from the voice actor who portrays her, to the motion capture artist that brings her body to life, to the complex programmers that made her act realistically, and even the ascended Russian cosplayer who was hired by Irrational to be Elizabeth's official face in marketing.

It's a pretty fascinating process and it makes me a lot more excited for Infinite, considering I was pretty damn disappointed in the first game. I'm also happy that Liz won't be sporting SUPER CLEAVAGE! anymore, at least not throughout the entire game. For wanting to make such a deep, richly layered character, putting so much emphasis on Liz's...assets...made Irrational seem superficial, hypocritical and worst of all predictable. There are plenty of shallow, skimpily-clad women in video games already. We need more realistically dressed, and more importantly interesting and involving, female characters like Alyx Vance, Samus Aran and Faith.
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