Bing Rewards updated to reflect Microsoft changeover to real-world cash

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A while back, I posted about using Bing Rewards as a great tool to augment your Xbox Live points as one of the rewards was for 400 MS Points.  With the changeover to real world money complete by Microsoft, Bing Rewards has also made the switch.  Now there is a $3 digital Xbox gift card as the option for Xbox users instead of a 400 Microsoft Point option.

Previously, in order to get the 400 Microsoft Points reward, you had to earn 500 Bing Rewards credits (if you were not a Bing Rewards Gold member).  Now, the $3 digital  Gift Card, only requires 375 Bing Reward credits to reach.  While this actually costs a bit more in Bing Rewards credits to get this reward than it did previously, you can reach the $3 gift card a lot quicker than the 400 MS point reward.

For those that are not aware of what Bing Rewards is, it is simply a reward system for using Bing as your default search provider.  You can install the Bing bar, or just log into Bing with your Microsoft or Facebook accounts and start earning for every search.  Typically, it takes three searches to earn a point, with a maximum of 30 points a day.  They also offer one, two and sometimes three freebies per day just for looking at a spotlighted search for that particular day.  You can also pick up bonus reward points for friend referrals, signing into Facebook and so on.  So a bit of simple math would indicate that if you maxed out your search rewards daily, you can reach your $3 digital gift card every 10-12 days or so.  That means an extra $6-$9 in money on your account each month for games, movies music and so on.  You can also choose some of the other rewards tied to Xbox, such as  Redbox video game rental, Redbox DVD rental, Hulu Plus subscription, Xbox Music Pass, Windows Phone 8 Games and Apps digital gift cards or Amazon digital gift cards.

If you are interested in adding Bing Rewards and getting freebies for your Xbox, you can sign up here.

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