Beware the Ebony Warrior in Dragonborn

by: John -
More On: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dragonborn
You think you're tough in Skyrim? You don't know tough. There's someone that Bethesda has put in the new DLC, Dragonborn, that has given some players nightmares.

His name is the Ebony Warrior and he stalks level capped players in Skyrim. Fire does no good on him. He can heal himself quite well. His sword can also take your health and heal himself. Don't be surprised when you can't move as he has a 15 second paralysis ability. Shouting him off the mountain will only give him a scratch. He'll come back and he'll be very angry.

Bethesda has gone and put in someone to hunt you and he sounds to be very, very good at his job.

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