Beware the Beast!

by: Jeremy -
More On: Super Street Fighter 4
All Super Street Fighter IV players should be warned: BEWARE, THE BEAST IS LOOSE.

No one is safe, neither Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 gamer alike, Daigo “The Beast" Umehara has revealed himself on both platforms online and is currently ranked at the very top of both leaderboards. That is right, BOTH console leaderbaords. Capcom recently updated their Unity Blog with announcement and made his gamertag / PSN id known tot he world, “gameinn”. If you want to see and study the master’s tactics for yourself, there are numerous replays on the replay channel of his “work”. Just track down some of his matches and he will quickly make you rethink how good you “think” you are... just pray you don’t run into him while playing.
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