Better, but still more work to do

by: Jake -
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After the quick release of the America's Army 3 patch put in place to correct the game's large number of errors, as previously mentioned, things have been fixed for the most part, but there are still several errors that have yet to be fixed.
The few errors I personally have experienced are as follows:
  • During training, you will find that after completing the obstacle course and M16A4 training, you will click continue and find yourself back on the menu, with no record of your training, and you will have to restart your training, but to no avail.
  • Also during training, if you click the "esc" key, which will bring up the pop-up menu, you will find yourself stuck in the pop-up menu, and you will end up clicking "esc," trying to get out of it, but another will pop up, and you will have to restart the game.
But because the last patch was released so soon, it shows that the Army really cares, and really does want to fix their previous mistakes and make things better. My hope is that the next patch will adress the above mentioned errors, and bring America's Army to its full potential as the most fun and user-friendly online FPS on the map.


After waiting for some time, I clicked "exit" then "change soldier" and clicked my soldier, and now it shows the obstacle course as completed, but still not my M16A4 training. It must be a temporary error. But at the moment, trying to either continue my training or play in multiplayer mode causes the game to freeze, and a Windows error box pops up. Apparently, this game is still, for the most part, just simply unplayable. Any efforts to actually play the game are futile, and result in extreme frustration, and in the end, dissapointment.
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