Be an angel in Team Fortress 2 unless you were cheating

by: John -
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I admit, I haven't played Team Fortress 2 in a very long time. So long that I don't even have one single item from the new method of picking up random items based on the amount of time you played the game. Sad, I know but I'm hoping to get back to it soon.

Well, some folks have resorted to using an external application to let you sit idle in a game so you can grab new items easily and without any additional effort. Valve's coming to get you as they are removing all your items. This will only affect about 5% of the players but you've been warned.

For those that have earned their items legitimately, you get a halo. No, a real halo to wear in a game. In your hat collection you should find a shiny halo to put on your head that will you run around like the patron saint you are while singing Beyonce songs.
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