Bad drivers of the world unite II: more Burnout Crash details

by: Nathaniel -
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Earlier this month, I wrote about what appeared to be the accidental announcement of the next entry in the Burnout series. Burnout Crash, as it appears to be called, had its rating accidentally leaked to the public.  That led to speculation that it was a downloadable game rather than a full sequel to Burnout: Paradise.

Well now, according to, new details are slowly emerging.  Their follow up to the initial ratings leak provided more info on the still-yet-to-be-officially-announced game.  

Apparently, it is gearing up to be an action arcade-style game set in a fictional city called Crash City (because of course it is), and that the point of the game will be to do as much damage as possible by crashing into cars and buildings - i.e. it's exactly like in previous games' crash modes. 

I don't know if the "arcade-style" remark hints at it only being a downloadable game or not, but just a crash mode sure doesn't sound like a full retail release.  

Hopefully, we'll be getting more details on this in the near-future.  And also, hopefully, the citizens of Crash City have kept their car insurance up-to-date and paid-in-full.  It sounds like they're going to be using it.
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