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Another one of the titles shown off by Capcom at last week’s Captivate event was CyberConnect2‘s Asura’s Wrath. The game, which was revealed last fall, is described as the perfect blend of action and drama.

Players will be assuming the role of Asura, a former deity hell-bent on seeking revenge upon his fellow Gods for stripping him of his power and shaming him. One of the key feautres being touted about the game is the lack of distinction between the gameplay and cutscenes as gamers will ASura even during the cinematic sequences, keeping you constantly involved in the game. Other features being mentioned are endless action, huge bosses, and deep, challenging gameplay.
Sure, on paper this sounds like a God of War clone, but is that a bad thing? I absolutely love action games of that sort and think that the artistic direction of Asura’s Wrath looks especially mesmerizing. The character models and style look fantastic and the blend of sci-fi with mythology could potentially yield an incredible story. Count me in...

You can check out some new screenshots and a new trailer for the game below:

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