Asuka, M. Bison, and Ling Xiaoyu come out to play (SFxT)

by: Jeremy -
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The Street Fighter x Tekken cast is growing once more, both intentionally and unintentionally. On the intentional side of things, Asuka was revealed in a recently released CGI trailer for the game. In the video shown below, she joins the fray alongside Lili in the midst of an epic battle against the team of Cammy and chun-Li.

On the other side of things, Microsoft has accidentally leaked the presence of 2 unannounced characters in the game: M. Bison and Ling Xiaoyu. The two characters were shown in the power bars of a screenshot recently posted in the game’s profile on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can check out that shot below as well.

Fight-fans only have a few more months to wait for this epic crossover as the game launches on March 6, 2012.

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