Ashens is back with more bad videogame console goodness

by: Nathan -
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If you have been on the internet for a while, you may remember a Youtube user by the name of Ashens, who released a hilarious review of a PSP ripoff called the Pop Station back in in 2006. Since then, Ashens has been playing and reviewing horrible videogame rip off consoles for our amusement and he is back with a review of the Mega Duck.

The Mega Duck is obviously ripoff of the original Nintendo GameBoy complete with greenish black and white graphics, 

Of course the reason these consoles exist is to most likely trick parents into buying a Pop Station for their kids instead of a PSP because they don't know any better. 

I highly recommend checking out the rest of his videos as he adds tons of reviews for bad videogame consoles, Pound Land tat, and other silly nonsense. 

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