Army of Two:The 40th Day shows off its customizable weapons

by: Chuck -
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The original Army of Two had some nice customization options but it was still fairly limited to muzzles, stocks, magazine sizes, color, and a few other small items.  Well for Army of Two:The 40th Day, the team is really letting you go hog wild and allowing you to go even further with how you customize the weapons in the game as evidenced by this new video from the game.

Personally I like the ability to customize the weapons in the game more than the random drops that you get in Borderlands.  Sure there's probably not a gun that sets people on fire in Army of Two:The 40th Day but the system allows you to get more comfortable with your weapons rather than having to constantly compare what you have to what you just picked up.  What do you think?  Would you rather have random drops or the ability to customize your weapons?  Let us know in the comments.
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