Army of Two:The 40th Day gets its horde/survival mode

by: Chuck -
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EA has revealed the "Extraction" multiplayer mode Army of Two: The 40th Day which will have you and three friends battling it out against waves of enemy troops.  The popular mode sounds a like like the Horde mode in Gears of War 2 and the survival mode in Left 4 Dead but it's still fun and I'm sure the game will have it's own twist on the formula.  Here's a short video that shows off the mode

What's a bit upsetting though is that if you want to play the mode when the game ships you'll need to pre-order the game as the mode won't be unleashed to everyone who buys the game until 30 days after the release date.  I get why you want to get people to pre-order the game but holding back on one of the multiplayer modes is a horrible, horrible decision on the part of EA and something that will hopefully be fixed before it's released in January 2010.
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