Armikrog could come to Wii U, needs fan support

by: Sean Colleli -
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One of the things I like most about Wii U is that Nintendo is pushing indie development on the platform in a big way. Case in point is Armikrog, a stop-motion style adventure game from Pencil Test Studios. Nintendo has expressed interest in the game and even fast-tracked Pencil Test as an official Wii U developer, but Pencil Test still needs strong word of mouth and about $270 left on their crowdfunding. If the game sounds like something you want to see, check out their Kickstarter before the June 27th deadline, and hit the break for some concept art.
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Your first thought is probably, "wtf are you doing sending out news on a Sunday?" and... well... I'm kinda thinking that, too. Wife's asleep, though, and time is running out on the Armikrog crowdfunding campaign! 4 days left with ~$270k yet to be raised.

In the latest update from the team at Pencil Test Studios, they show off some of the design ideas for Armikrog on the WiiU (see example below). Nintendo approached the team about bringing the game to their platform and even fast-tracked Pencil Test's status as a developer!

We need your help to spread the word about this great-looking, stop-motion-animated adventure. It'll be released DRM-free, and the guys I've met on the team are exceptionally passionate. There's a great voice cast attached, too. Spread the word!




omg this looks like cool functionality on the WiiU holy shit who knew?

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