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Well Arma II is coming to the PC in North America in 2009 but what does the name mean? Well the Arma word is from Latin and can be used to mean defensive arms, shields, soldiers or weapons of war depending ont he context. The name's pretty unique so you'll easily remember it once it's brought up.  I know a few people are excited about the game after looking at the screenshots. These are the same guys that did Operation Flashpoint and that was a pretty well done game in itself. I might have to check this one out when it comes out later this year.
Prague, Czech Republic, 8th May 2009 - Bohemia Interactive and IDEA Games have today taken steps to unlock some of the mystery surrounding their forthcoming tactical military simulation, ArmA II by revealing the secrets behind the name of the game itself. Project leader Marek Spanel took the time to shed some light on the unusual title. A full version of Marek's musings can be seen at

The word 'Arma' is Latin in origin; a multifaceted word that depending on context can be used to mean defensive arms, shields, soldiers or weapons of war amongst others. The reasons for the team at Bohemia choosing such an ancient and unconventional word are two-fold; to have a name that is easily remembered and pronounced across different languages and to signify that just like the name itself, ArmA II's gameplay is boldly different and not afraid to deviate from tried and tested shooter formulae.

When creating a name for their flagship product, Marek and the rest of Bohemia Interactive were equally keen to avoid videogame name clichés of the past and walk their own line.

"[When naming the title] it felt like almost everyone preferred something along the lines of Battleshock Operation Force 3: Thunderstorm Troops over a simple and strong word, with a strong foundation behind it," commented Marek. "Choosing the right name had been a big deal for us, but ultimately we know the quality of this game will speak for itself."

Featuring the most realistic warfare ever, ArmA II promises to build on the excellent features that have made Bohemia Interactive a respected name among gamers. Players can expect in-depth team-based combat, a comprehensive playbook of military tactics and an enormous battlefield to push strategy to the limit.

ArmA II is coming to North America in 2009 and is exclusively for PC. For all the latest information please visit
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