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Yeah you heard the headline! What now?!

Pirates of the Burning Sea is strutting their stuff at Gen Con So Cal if you're there. Go see them! They have representatives and stuff!

Yeah yeah for independent studios! Fizzball has been released by Grubby games. It can be played by adults or by kids, since it has levels tailored for each. Fizzball is not a game about flash graphics or an intricate plot. Rather, it attempts to get back to basics by being easy to pick up, simple and fun. Good on ya!

Do you like to pop balloons? Then EA has a game for you. The Poppit Show is based on the wildly successly POGO puzzle game. Apparently it has quite a following behind it, as entire communities have sprung up behind Poppit, the game on which The Poppit Show is based. EA's version is 20 bucks and is downloadable at Show those balloons a thing or two.

Holy Crap National Geographic has a video game. About penguins. I can die now.

National Geographic Ventures has teamed up with Destination Software Inc. to produce fun and educational games for kids. They've got two titles in the works so far, March of the Penguins and Sea Monsters: a Prehistoric Adventure.

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