Akuma, Taskmaster and a boss added to MvC3

by: Jeremy -
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Another week, more character reveals. Akuma, along with Marvel’s Taskmaster have officially been revealed for the playable roster in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Akuma, in particular, looks like a BEAST of a character in the game and will definitely be a permanent addition to my go-to team. Taskmaster brings even more new blood to a game that features an incredible amount of new faces to the gaming world. IGN has posted the reveal trailers for both characters, which you can find below.

Keen eyes will also notice something in Akuma’s trailer: a boss, or at least a sub-boss. Akuma is shown, briefly, fighting what appears to be Cosmic Doom. In the comic books, Cosmic Doom resulted from Dr. Doom taking the Power Cosmic from the Silver Surfer. I have posted a still frame of the character below, courtesy of Shoryuken.

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