Add Blizzard to the list of companies not happy with Windows 8

by: John -
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So we had Gabe Newell talking about how Windows 8 is a catastrophe. You can add Rob Pardo, Executive Vice President of Game Design at Blizzard to the list of folks not happy with Microsoft's next operating system.

He tweeted saying that Windows 8 is "not awesome for Blizzard either". Not exactly a rousing endorsement of the platform is it? (I did find the response to his tweet funny.)

Valve and Blizzard aren't two lightweight companies and to have two higher ups in those companies talk negatively about Windows 8 isn't looking to good in the eyes of PC gamers.

I think Microsoft can really alleviate all these just by providing an option to switch to classic view. It' really not that hard and you can even ask during the install of the OS which style you prefer. I know Microsoft wants people to embrace the Metro style of their new OS, but in this case the better option might just be to let the consumer decide.

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