Activision shelves Guitar Hero for 2011, kills True Crime: Hong Kong

by: Chuck -
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According to various sources Activision has killed development of True Crime:Hong Kong and this year's iteration of the Guitar Hero game (no word if the series is dead dead or just Freddy Kruger dead). 

Given the poor sales (and mediocre reviews) of Guitar Hero:Warriors of Rock, the softness of the rhythm music genre right now and the ability to make money through the sale of DLC it's no wonder that Activision is taking a break this year.   The death of True Crime:Hong Kong isn't much of a surprise as Activision hasn't really invested a lot into the marketing of the game or even hinted at a real release date.

The thing that's a bit scary about the news is that Activision is going to entrench themselves around their core franchises like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft despite sitting on a a Scrooge McDuck like mountain of cash.  Part of me hopes that we'll see the company invest those dollars into new games but I really can't see that happening given CEO Bobby Kotick's focus on earnings over creativity.
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