Action Arcade Wrestling 2 hits the squared circle soon on Xbox Indies!

by: Nathan -
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The first Action Arcade Wrestling game on Xbox Indies was a really fun throwback to wrestling games of the early 90's and it's coming back with soon with Action Arcade Wrestling 2.

Action Arcade Wrestling 2 features an insane amount of improvements over it's first game with tons of new match types, 10 wrestlers in the ring at one time, weapons, hundreds of new animated moves, an extensive creation suite and even the ability to use your computer to edit and import custom wrestlers and textures. Best of all, it's only $3.

As a huge professional wrestling fan, I cannot wait for this game. I love wrestling games and how, over the years, all wrestling games from all companies continue to bring new and innovative features to their game. 

No word on a release date yet but the trailer says that it's coming soon, so keep your eyes out for the release. 
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